Introduction to Electric Wheelchair – Latest Edition 2024

Introduction to Electric Wheelchair – Latest Edition 2024

A power wheelchair is a battery-powered assistive mobility device designed to provide greater independence and freedom to people with limited mobility.

They are usually powered by one or more electric motors and equipped with steering controls that allow the user to easily control the movement and steering of the wheelchair.

Electric wheelchair structure:

Electric wheelchair introduction

Introduction to common features and functions of electric wheelchairs :

  1. Electric drive :
    Electric wheelchairs are powered by batteries, commonly lithium batteries or lead-acid batteries , to power the built-in electric motor . Users can move easily without relying on others to push them.
  2. Controller system:
    Electric wheelchairs are usually equipped with a control controller that allows the user to easily control the forward, backward, and steering movements of the wheelchair.
  3. Bracket design:
    Front and rear foldable frame : easier to carry and put in the car;
    X-shaped left and right folding frame
    : Equipped with a traditional push handle, which is easier to push and fold;
    Large base frame : can accommodate large batteries, and can add additional functional motors and large seats.
  4. Bracket material and weight : As times change, electric wheelchairs have gradually become lighter and more durable, from steel to aluminum alloy, and even the latest use of carbon fiber brackets for electric wheelchairs.
  5. Seat design:
    The seat of an electric wheelchair, usually a functional electric wheelchair , has adjustable height, tilt, and angle to provide comfortable sitting and support. General seats are usually within the standard 16 inches to 18 inches. If it is 14 inches or above 20 inches, it can be customized.
  6. Tire selection: Depending on the use environment and personal needs, different types of tires can be selected, such as pneumatic tires, solid tires or air-cushioned tires, to provide better handling, adaptability and comfort. The commonly used material is PU.
  7. Foldable and Detachable : Some lightweight power wheelchairs feature foldable or detachable designs for easy storage and transportation.
  8. Functional accessories: Electric wheelchairs can usually be equipped with various functional accessories, such as adjustable armrests, footrests, seat belts, trays, etc., to provide more convenience and support.
  9. Customization options: Some power wheelchair brands offer customization options, such as caregiver control components, to fit the user's body size, functional needs, and personal preferences.

It should be noted that everyone's needs and circumstances are different. When choosing an electric wheelchair that suits you, you should evaluate your mobility, environmental needs and budget, and discuss and inquire in detail with a medical professional or contact our experts.

(Updated on March 14, 2024)