Pride® Lift Chair LC-101

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美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)
美國 Pride®  電動升降躺椅 Lift Chair LC-101 (T-型底架、3位式傾躺、豪華面料)

American Pride Mobility Electric Lift Chair Lift Chair LC-101

Providing innovative comfort while complementing any home décor.

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Pride® Lift Chair LC101 Features:

The LC101 is the most popular model in the Pride® electric lift chair series

Pride® T-Back design and mechanical structure:

It adopts T-Back frame design, which is stable and durable.

Three position control functions:

3-position lift chair - fully and smoothly tilts, reclines, and upright angles

3 position lift chair

Luxurious, brushed, durable surface

Available in five luxurious fabric options, it's the perfect place to relax and nap in comfort.

Benefits of using the Pride® LC-101 Power Lift Recliner:

Benefits of Power Lift chair

1. Reduce stress and risks while standing and sitting

LC-101 can use an electric motor to change your sitting posture and assist in reducing stress while standing and sitting . Reducing the risk of getting in and out of chairs, these LC-101 chairs lift you to a near standing position, making the process of getting in and out of the chair easier.

2. Promote blood circulation

Since lift chairs and reclining chairs elevate the legs, these seats can help increase circulation and help blood flow through the legs and body. Likewise, they can reduce swelling caused by fluid accumulation and reduce the risk of varicose veins forming in the legs.

3. Speed ​​up recovery time

A lift chair can help your body recover faster by reducing the stress on your body when standing and sitting. In addition, many lift chairs can also help with health problems due to their ergonomic design, complete spinal support, and the variety of positions they offer.

4. Seated or standing position

Unlike regular chairs, which can be hard on your body and joints , lift chairs are gentle and can help maintain posture. Due to their functionality and design, these chairs reduce fatigue and degeneration of the lower skeletal joints. Therefore, they help you maintain muscle tone and prevent injuries.

5. Reduce caregivers’ chances of injury

One of the most important points in daily care is the transfer process from chair to mobility aid or bed, and caregivers can suffer back injuries or muscle strains due to incorrect transfer techniques. Lift chairs make transfers easier by reducing the weight the caregiver has to bear, minimizing the risk of strain or injury.

The Pride® LC-101 is the most popular model in the range of power lift recliners

American Pride® electric lift recliner LC-101 data:

LC101 actual

LC101 lift chair hong kong

Actual color: Sandal and blue

product specifications

model: Lift Chair LC-101
Seat height from the ground: 47cm (18.5")
Seat depth:
51cm (20")
Seat width:
51cm (20")
total height: 70cm (27.5")
Total width:
83cm (32.75")
Bearing weight:
Controller: New simple control type

*Due to manufacturing tolerances and ongoing product improvements, specifications may vary (+ or -3%). The information contained in this article is correct at the time of publication; we reserve the right to change specifications without notice.

Hoho Medical Limited is the general agent of Pride Mobility Products® Corporation in Hong Kong, China. If there is imitation and plagiarism, we have the right to take legal action.

The product comes with original 36-month frame warranty and 12-month electronic parts warranty.

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