CW PG BLDC nVR2 brushless motor controller set-lower control

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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

3. 可以貨到支付或在現場使用信用卡。

4. 可預定指定時間內送貨。

5. 如需任何特別安排,歡迎落單時通知


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英國 PG BLDC VR2 無刷摩打電動輪椅控制器 (英國製 Made-in-England) | 好好醫療用品
英國 PG BLDC VR2 無刷摩打電動輪椅控制器 (英國製 Made-in-England) | 好好醫療用品

British CW PG BLDC nVR2 brushless motor electric wheelchair controller set-lower control (Made-in-England)

Model: nVR2 - BLDC Control System

PG BLDC VR2 controller is produced by the British Curtiss-Wright company, which is a leading company in the controller industry. BLDC VR2 is the latest controller.

nVR2 - BLDC Control System is made entirely in the UK and uses an all-metal outer box. Hard and durable.

Made and imported from the UK:

Features: flexible response, hard and durable, easy maintenance and multiple settings can be fine-tuned.

PG controller electric wheelchair

Among them, the advantages of PG controller over alternative controller are:

1. Fast response and high immediacy

2. When going up an incline at low speed and low current, the torque (Torque) is sufficient and the wheelchair will not slip behind on the incline.

3. More durable and will not break easily even if it encounters impact.

Because in Hong Kong, we have many diagonal roads. If we slip behind diagonal roads, it will cause safety problems. Even with the same battery and motor, the effects of using different controllers will be very different. One of the features of the PG controller is that it can also require the motor to release large torque at low speeds, making it easy to go up and down slopes.

At the same time, our company can set the PG controller program for users.

The controller's acceleration, deceleration, maximum/low speed, response, turning speed, horn volume, sound prompt when backing up, etc. can be modified according to the customer's usage habits. We recommend that users use the original factory settings first. After a month, make personal fine-tuning as needed to achieve the most suitable effect.

*Note: Due to the varying quality of electric wheelchair parts on the market, this product will only be provided to our customers.

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