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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

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Frequently Asked Questions - Technical Support and Inquiries

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Zinger Chair 可上飛機鋰電池

Zinger Chair lithium battery

Each Zinger Chair comes with a 6.6 Ah, 240Wh battery. The high-quality lithium-ion battery is housed in a stylish black aluminum casing with a plastic charging end cap. All circuits are hidden inside the aluminum housing to reduce the risk of short circuits. Your Zinger key will also work with new batteries.

Applicable to Zinger wheelchair models

  • Lithium-ion battery pack
  • Capacity: 6.6 Ah
  • Voltage: 36V
  • 240Wh
  • dry cell battery
  • Weight: 4 lbs
  • Can get on the plane
  • Batteries with this capacity are allowed on airplanes
  • Before flying, remove the battery (located behind the chair)
  • Place the battery in the carry bag provided and declare to be on board the aircraft

Zinger Airplane Wheelchair

This battery meets USDOT, IATA aviation specifications. For more travel aviation information, please refer to our user manual or inquire with us.

Zinger battery electric wheelchair

Reference: Multiply the current Ah by the voltage V to calculate the battery power Wh in watt hours. In this case: 6.6AH x 36V making it a 240 Wh battery.



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