Antano LG 2004 stair lift

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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

3. 可以貨到支付或在現場使用信用卡。

4. 可預定指定時間內送貨。

5. 如需任何特別安排,歡迎落單時通知


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意大利 Antano LG 2004 上落樓梯機(可加載電動輪椅)
意大利 Antano LG 2004 上落樓梯機(可加載電動輪椅)
意大利 Antano LG 2004 上落樓梯機(可加載電動輪椅)
意大利 Antano LG 2004 上落樓梯機(可加載電動輪椅)
意大利 Antano LG 2004 上落樓梯機(可加載電動輪椅)

Italian Antano crawler stair lift (can be loaded with electric wheelchair)

Technological innovation, taking care of users and paying attention to aesthetic details are the reasons for the success of today's LG2004 wheelchair stairlift.

After eight years of continuous design and product development, the LG2004 wheelchair stair machine has become very easy to use and updated. The foldable handle can be turned 360° and has a load capacity of 150Kg. It also has a double safety lock design and a patented mechanical operating system , making it extremely easy to operate. Even in a small space, the wheelchair can be raised without any effort . It is the first and most advanced and safe wheelchair stair machine on the market.

Stair machine, electric wheelchair ANTANO

The patented mechanical operating system allows the wheelchair to be raised without any effort. It has 360 ° steering auxiliary wheels and can also be equipped with an electric wheelchair.

LG2004 can even be upgraded to be equipped with an electric wheelchair.

LG2004 wheelchair stair machine

Product Description

Can carry standard adult or children's manual wheelchairs

Motor drive control system ensures close contact between crawler tracks and steps

Battery capacity is large and can be used multiple times after charging

● When the battery loses power, a manual emergency lowering device can be used

 Battery charger with indicator light

 Smooth and quiet operation

 Manual emergency device to ensure safe transportation to a flat position without power

 Efficient and wear-resistant tracks ensure that the stairs are not damaged

 The whole machine can be split into two parts for easy transportation

 Suitable for indoor and outdoor environments and can be used in buildings with multiple flights of stairs

 Equipped with a locking device to ensure that authorized persons use the safe locking wheelchair device

Using a motor drive control system, only one operator can easily push the wheelchair up and down the stairs

 Electric traction control system ensures the stair machine travels safely up and down the stairs

 Using a portable battery-driven system , you only need to fasten the wheelchair to the simple locking device on the equipment, and ensure that the crawler tracks are in close contact with the steps during operation, and you can safely and easily operate the equipment up and down stairs.

The whole operation process is very smooth and quiet , providing passengers with a smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

The most advanced and safe wheelchair stair machine

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