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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

3. 可以貨到支付或在現場使用信用卡。

4. 可預定指定時間內送貨。

5. 如需任何特別安排,歡迎落單時通知


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日本 Sunwa TRE-52 電動樓梯升降平台 (可載手動及電動輪椅)
日本 Sunwa TRE-52 電動樓梯升降平台 (可載手動及電動輪椅)
日本 Sunwa TRE-52 電動樓梯升降平台 (可載手動及電動輪椅)

Japan Sunwa TRE-52 electric stair lift platform

Japan Sunwa electric stair lift series

Sunwa has more than 20 years of experience in stair machines. It is one of the largest stair machine manufacturers in Japan. It has long been providing excellent products and services to different organizations, including major companies, subways, shopping malls, private institutions, and elderly care centers in Hong Kong. , institutions, housing estates and residences, etc. Provide a safe and accessible environment for the public.


1. Made in Japan, certified by FDA and TUV

2. Electric design for lifting and transportation without using any force

3. The speed of transporting wheelchairs can reach 20 levels or more per minute.

4. Equipped with automatic brake: Even if the operator releases the controller, the built-in cover belt will automatically freeze immediately.

5. Mobile design, suitable for different places, no need to modify stairs or install plug-in when using

6. Equipped with an electromagnetic braking system, which will automatically brake when the caregiver releases the handle.

7. Comes with adjustable headrest to provide adequate neck support

TRE-52 design features

  • Equipped with an electromagnetic braking system that automatically activates the brakes when the caregiver releases the handle
  • Suitable for all manual and electric wheelchairs
  • The only mobile stair lift that can transport electric wheelchairs
  • Equipped with a transport ramp, the wheelchair can be easily transported and fixed on the platform
  • Equipped with multiple safety devices (including electrically connected metal buckle seat belts, wheelchair fixed hooks, anti-slip platforms and emergency buttons)

The difference between TRE-70 VS TRE-50

  • TRE-52: 200 kg load capacity, tilting platform
  • TRE-70 : Load capacity 230kg, equipped with electric horizontal platform and electric cable strap. The control is fully automatic.


model Stair Ship TRE-52
Maximum weight 200kg
Weight (including battery) 115kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H) 125.8 x 75.7 x 129cm
Battery 24V-24Ah
usage time 40 minutes (after charging)
Stair climbing speed 7.5m/min
Stair falling speed 11m/min
Maximum tilt angle 35°
Warranty period one year

(Battery and consumable parts not included)

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