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台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品
台灣 Karma 高背氣壓輪椅 (VIP515 仰樂多) | 好好醫療用品

Taiwan Karma high-back hydraulic wheelchair (VIP515 Yangleduo-KM 1520.3T)

'Taiwan Premium Gold Award' karma 1520.3T

Best selling nursing care high back wheelchair. The advanced pneumatic aerial dumping system, combined with the intelligent safety center of gravity shift device, releases pressure, feels stable and comfortable, and experiences the feeling of weightlessness!


VIP 515 is Karma’s high-end care high-back wheelchair

Pneumatic aerial tilting for deep relief Tilt-in-Space

It allows the caregiver to easily and effortlessly lift the seat system and tilt it 0-35 degrees in the air, allowing the rider to release the pressure accumulated on the buttocks by changing the sitting posture.

The pneumatic section tilts, and the pedal can also be raised and lowered accordingly


Safety center of gravity shift device

To provide a sufficient sense of security, in order to overcome the insecurity that the occupant may feel when operating a tilting wheelchair in the air, the seat system keeps the occupant's center of gravity in the most stable position when changing sitting postures.

Ergonomic armrest

It can be lifted up and down, making it comfortable to ride and easy to move.
The arm placement is snug and comfortable and not easy to slip off.

The whole car can be folded and disassembled

Easy to store and can be converted into an ordinary wheelchair

Wheelchair, the entire vehicle is foldable and detachable

The headrest, upper back, footrests and seat cushions are all removable.

Ergonomic headrest

The height is adjustable and the thoughtful design helps the rider's head to be positioned correctly and relieves pressure on the shoulders and neck.

Ergonomic headrest

Aegis patented seat cushion treatment, anti-bacterial and mildew-proof, providing a safe ride

Seat cushions treated with Aegis patented technology certified by multiple countries to effectively prevent infection

Aegis Cushion

Quick release lever

Tool-free and simple operation, the two-way rotation design can turn or remove the dialing feet according to different environments, increasing the convenience of shifting and challenging the shifting function in narrow spaces.

karma 1520.3t


Product number Yangleduo VIP515 14F 1520.3T
Seat width*seat depth 18*17
front and rear wheels 7*14F
Seat width (cm) 45
Seat depth(cm) 42
Front seat height - height from ground (cm) 49
Back height(cm) 45
Armrest height (cm) 23~29
Calf length (cm) 41~46
Back pad angle (X°) 5
Seat cushion angle (X°) 0~35
Footrest angle (X°) 72
Maximum load(kg) 115
Heaviest single piece (kg) 15.9
Total weight(kg) 19.1
Open L*W*H(cm) 108*67*99
Collapse L*W*H(cm) 73*34*76

VIP 515 details
Welcome to call +852 35680755 or come to the showroom address to experience it.

Free shipping throughout Hong Kong, genuine products. This model has a 60-month warranty.

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