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Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 「座王」高背輪椅 (超級舒適, 日本專利, 可摺可傾) | 好好醫療用品
Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 「座王」高背輪椅 (超級舒適, 日本專利, 可摺可傾) | 好好醫療用品
Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 「座王」高背輪椅 (超級舒適, 日本專利, 可摺可傾) | 好好醫療用品
Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 「座王」高背輪椅 (超級舒適, 日本專利, 可摺可傾) | 好好醫療用品

Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7  hand-pushed wheelchair high-back wheelchair (super comfortable, Japanese patent, foldable and tiltable)

Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 "King" hand-pushed wheelchair

NAH-F5 is the small wheel version / F7 is the large wheel version

Japanese patented design, the first 3D three-dimensional adjustable foldable wheelchair, which is comparable to a custom-made wheelchair. It can adjust the supporting force of each part of the body at any time to ensure even pressure distribution.

The main function

  • Three-dimensional adjustable wheelchair, the wheelchair can tilt forward and backward
  • The wheelchair can tilt forward and backward at – 4 to 30 degrees (NAH-F5) and – 5 to 18 degrees (NA-F7)
  • The wheelchair body can be folded
  • Movable footrests and armrests
  • Adjustable armrest height
  • Ergonomic fit design
  • Headrest height, angle and position adjustable
  • Seat height can be adjusted by yourself
  • Large and small wheels optional
  • Double X type structural stabilising bracket under seat
  • Can be equipped with anti-roll auxiliary wheels

Support distribution:

  • Provides support for the user's neck, chest, lower chest, waist and pelvis
  • 3D adjustable shoulder pads fit closer to the user's back, providing more effective support
  • The back pad has a large area with Velcro straps, and the degree and tightness can be adjusted to ensure a close fit to every part of the body, making it suitable for different users to adjust themselves.
  • Properly adjusting the Velcro straps can naturally improve the user's breathing pattern and increase breathing depth.
  • The metal bracket of the body will not directly contact the user's back, ensuring that the shoulder blades have sufficient space to expand outward to expand the thorax.
  • The thick seat cushion is highly breathable and can reduce pressure on the user’s buttocks.
  • Provides moderate support for the lower back, relieving abdominal pressure and aiding digestion
  • Ergonomic fit design helps evenly distribute body pressure and avoid bedsores
  • The forward tilt function facilitates daily activities such as eating and reading newspapers.
  • The backward tilt function makes it easier for users to rest and improves comfort.
  • Adjustable support behind the hips to ensure there are no gaps
  • The pedal angle is close to 90 degrees, which can relax the thigh muscles, prevent the pelvis from moving forward, and fix the user's position.
  • Users may have asymmetries on the left and right sides of their bodies, and the 'King of Seat' can be highly elastically adjusted to address this problem.
  • It is also suitable for users with back problems such as kyphosis and scoliosis.
  • The headrest, upper back, footrests and seat cushions are all removable.
Model Nissin NAH-F5 / NA-F7 King of Seat hand-pushed wheelchair
重量 20.5公斤
承載能力 100公斤

6×20 [英寸]

顏色 藍色/ 酒紅色
自走式 NA-F7 折疊尺寸
全寬 39
座椅寬度 40/42 (16.5inch) 總高度 66至70
前坐高度 40/42/44 總長度 103
降低坐高 40/42/44 車輪(in)
腿長 - 前輪 6
扶手高度 24/26/28/30 後輪 20
坐位深度 40 後輪類型 空氣輪胎
高靠背 48 重量(kg) 20.5
輪椅尺寸 輔助剎車 have
全寬 62 安全帶
總高度 102至134 背墊 可調整
總長度 103 座椅墊 不可調整
可折 坐墊

Licensed Nissin wheelchairs come with a 60-month bracket warranty

Welcome to our showroom or call 3568-0755 for inquiries.

Nissin wheelchairs, which are good medical supplies, are licensed from Japan.

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