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美國 Sunrise Breezy 系列 Moonlite 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Breezy 系列 Moonlite 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Breezy 系列 Moonlite 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Breezy 系列 Moonlite 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Breezy 系列 Moonlite 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Moonlite AP 小輪手推輪椅 | 好好醫療用品
美國 Sunrise Moonlite AP 小輪手推輪椅 (11.8kg, 舒適坐位, 經 ISO7176 撞擊測試) | 好好醫療用品

American Sunrise Moonlite AP small wheel push wheelchair (11.8kg, comfortable seating position, ISO7176 impact test)

We are committed to providing market-leading wheelchairs that pass strict quality testing in terms of safety, quality and durability to ensure that you have the safest and most usable products on the market.

Among them, the Sunrise Moonlite series is the only lightweight small-wheel wheelchair among similar portable wheelchairs that has passed the ISO7176-19 crash test. It is a wheelchair model recommended and designated for use by the NHS medical system of the British Ministry of Health . Seat cushions also have fire test standards.

The Moonlite Standard Portable Wheelchair is also very compact and can be stored almost anywhere!

Sunrise Moonlite Features:

Safety is important, the only standard portable wheelchair to pass the crash test

The Moonlite is the only standard portable wheelchair of its kind to pass the crash test. That's why the Sunrise Medical Moonlite is tested according to ISO 7176-19. ISO 7176-19 testing involves simulating the behavior of a product in a frontal vehicle collision.

safety wheelchair Moonlite

Because of the specially reinforced brackets, the car body is stronger and requires less effort when pushing.

Generally, wheelchairs only have double X-shaped supports under the seat for support. In addition to the double X-shaped supports, Moonlite also strengthens the brackets from the side panels, so that it can still remain strong even if it is hit front to back or up and down. And when pushing, the force is better distributed to the wheels, making it easier to push.

Compact and lightweight <br>Whether you are just going to the shops or going out for a day out with your loved ones, the Sunrice Moonlite is the ideal companion. Thanks to its innovative stand design and lightweight aluminum bracket, users can easily place it in the car or in tight spaces.

Well-designed comfortable seat with 5° inclined slight curve

If comfort is one of your important considerations, then the Sunrise Moonlite, with its thoughtfully designed slightly curved seating position and built-in padding, is perfect for you. Sunrise Moonlite's 5° inclined and slightly curved ergonomic sitting position allows users to get closer to the back of the chair; the included soft cushions also reduce the user's sitting pressure.

wheelchair seat design

The cushions have also passed ISO7176-16 and BS EN 12183 fire tests

American Sunrise Breezy Series Moonlite Small Wheel Hand-Push Wheelchair | Haohao Medical Supplies

Convenient folding backrest
The backrest of the Sunrise Moonlite easily folds down for convenient storage of the wheelchair, whether at home or in the car.

American Sunrise Breezy Series Moonlite Small Wheel Hand-Push Wheelchair | Haohao Medical Supplies

Removable screw-in/screw-out leg rests

Easy to access for wheelchairs and can be quickly disassembled to save space.

swing pedal
American Sunrise Series Moonlite Small Wheel Trolley

Whether for traveling or daily use, Moonlite is a highly recommended wheelchair tool.

product specifications

model Sunrise Moonlight AP


11.8kg (actual weight, including seat cushion)

Maximum load


Seat width


rear wheel

12-inch solid tire

front wheel

8-inch solid tire

front seat height


Dimensions (length / width / height)


Dimensions after folding (length/width/height)


seat angle

seat height


Back padding



  • Aerospace aluminum alloy bracket, lightweight and durable
  • The legs can be swung outwards to facilitate bed crossing or shifting.
  • With fireproof thick seat cushion
  • Fold back, easy to store in the trunk of the car
  • With rear handbrake, convenient for driving on slopes
  • Equipped with a detachable calf strap to prevent the user's feet from sliding backward and hitting the front wheel
  • The backrest is equipped with a carrying bag for users and caregivers to store items conveniently.
  • Solid PU will not break the tire and requires no inflation
  • pillow hand


* Requirements and tests for static strength, impact strength and fatigue strength ISO 7176-8

* Climatic testing in accordance with ISO 7176-9

* Fire test ISO 7176-16 & BS EN 12183

* Impact test ISO 7176-19

Sunrise Breezy Moonlite wheelchair

*AP - Attendant propelled (small wheel version), SP - Self propelled (large wheel version)

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The error between the actual size and the data in the table is ±1 centimeter (cm) ±0.5 kilogram (kg). The standard is based on the official English version.

3-year bracket maintenance, including parts and labor

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