In order to facilitate users and industry insiders to communicate and find functions, we have integrated some common wheelchair and electric wheelchair industry terms.


Manual Wheelchair

Small wheel wheelchair: refers to a hand-pushed wheelchair with an 18" inch rear wheel or less

Alias: Transit , small wheel, thin wheel, nursing care wheelchair

Large wheel chair: Refers to a hand-pushed wheelchair with a rear wheel of 20" or above

Alias: Wheelchair, large wheel, self-propelled wheelchair

Flip-up armrests: Refers to armrests that can be lifted up, which are different from the general fixed ones and are convenient for crossing the bed.

Alias: Flip-Over Armrest, Flip-Over Armrest

Detachable footrest: means that the footrest can be removed and conveniently used to move the bed, get in and out of the wheelchair, and store it in the carriage.

Alias: Swing-away or detachable footrest/pedal, swing-away

Lead-acid batteries: It is a type of battery. The electrodes are made of lead bars and the electrolyte is sulfuric acid , so it is called Lead-acid battery, an older and Heavy battery.

Alias: SLA, Lead Acid, Gel Electric

Orthopedic foot brace: refers to a liftable Footrest, for users who have orthopedic surgery or injuries under the lower leg.

Alias: Elevating Pedal

Power assist device

Electric boosters, electric auxiliary wheels, manual wheelchairs converted to electric

Lithium battery types - Li-ion, LFP

Brush massager :  It is the more common motor. Its advantages are that it is cheap, starts and brakes quickly, and its horsepower can be very high , but its disadvantages are that it is heavy and has low efficiency.

Brushless motor: It is a motor without a carbon brush for phase change. The advantage is that there is no carbon brush as a current phase changer, so there is no need to clean the loss caused by friction of the carbon brush. Maintenance is simpler, and the service life is higher and longer. Since it does not need to be used Large magnets and coils, so the weight is also lighter and the volume is smaller . Because it is difficult and costly to produce, it is more expensive. In addition, there are not many high-power brushless motors on the market yet.