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Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E40
Robooter E 智能電動輪椅 (國際英文版,淨重27kg,可手機控制,行貨) | 好好醫療用品
Robooter E40

Robooter E40 Intelligent Electric Wheelchair (International English version, net weight 27kg, can be controlled by mobile phone, up to 8km/h, licensed)

Robot E
Robooter E40 is a lightweight version of the Robooter X series, a product of Robooter . Weight, appearance and technology have all been improved. The net weight of the whole car is 27kg. The frame is made of fully matte technology, which can prevent rust and discoloration due to prolonged use. It has a special mobile phone (Apple iOS or Android) application, which can adjust the speed and direction, etc., using blue Bud connection fully realizes remote control and improves user convenience.

(International version: Our Roboter Can be followed up.)

Roboter unique features:
1. The Roboter version motor is a 200W Taiwan Shuoyang motor, and the speed can reach 8km/h. BBR version motor 180W domestic motor motor, the speed can only reach 4.5-6km/h;
2. The battery cells of the Roboter version are manufactured by LG Chemistry in South Korea, and the battery cells of the BBR version are made in China;
3. The Roboter version controller is jointly developed by New Zealand DYNAMIC, and the BBR version controller is Shanghai Maikong.

4. The Roboter body shell has a Roboter sticker on it, and the BBR body has the words Bang Bang Robot written on it.

Brand new upgrade, more powerful and efficient

- Pre-configured 20Ah LG removable lithium battery, can be added with aircraft battery
- Equipped with reminder light ( breathing Light ), improving visibility in the dark
- Super endurance, can drive 23km non-stop
- The total vehicle net weight is 27kg, lightweight and easy to carry, helping you explore unlimited places
wheelchair battery

Set up mobile phone software, remote control folding

- Special mobile app
- Ability to adjust speed, direction, instantly view battery status, etc.
- Can set cruise control mode, suitable for novices and the elderly
- Automatically detect errors regularly to ensure security
- Both ISO and Android systems can be downloaded and used.

Ergonomic design

- The backrest of the chair has been carefully measured and adopts a curvature that is most in line with the human spine, so that you will not feel tired after sitting for a long time.
-Thick memory foam seat cushion, breathable and dry
wheelchair seat cushion

Artistic appearance, beautiful and practical

- 2 colors: classic ivory, young lake green
- Microfiber leather-covered armrests are comfortable and skin-friendly, yet also retro and beautiful.
- International version with waterproof carrying bag for extra storage space

wheelchair bag

Extra large capacity wheelchair storage rack - can hold 5kg

wheelchair storage rack

Unique technology to enhance user experience

- The frame adopts matte finish to prevent rust and color loss
- Unique frame connection process reduces weight and improves flexibility

wheelchair bracket
wheelchair structure

wheelchair bracket
Roboter E’s 1.7” ultra-thin LCD display

Ultra-high resolution and stable performance, even older users can see clearly

wheelchair controller

Safe and convenient

- There is a headlight on the armrest, and there is also a light reminder on the handheld position, so you can move forward safely even in the dark.
- Both manual and electric mode to fit users’ daily use

wheelchair headlight

Easy to fold and control


Product demonstration:

Roboter E electric wheelchair

Wheelchair specifications: Roboter E Specifications

model Roboter E40 International Version
Volume before folding (length x width x height) 1000mm x 624mm x 930mm
Volume after folding (length x width x height) 700mm x 624mm x 450mm
seat size 440mm x 430mm
Folding method Can be controlled by mobile phone and fold automatically
Net Weight 27kg (including battery and backpack) - if not equipped with backpack, Net weight 25kg
Battery weight 3.4kg
load bearing 150kg
Battery specifications 20Ah lithium battery
fastest driving speed 8km/h
Farthest driving distance 23km
Minimum circle diameter 45mm
Safe climbing
Can cross class heights 40mm
color White green
Mobile APP program control Apple iOS/Android

Hoho Medical Limited is the agent of Roboter in Hong Kong.

12 months Hong Kong licensed warranty

Genuine goods, confidence guaranteed

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