How to choose an electric wheelchair - battery

How to choose an electric wheelchair - battery

There are many types of batteries for electric wheelchairs. The following short article will explain them to you.

Samsung wheelchair

1. Lead-acid batteries (cheap, but heavy)

Lead acid

2. Domestic lithium batteries (lightweight, cheap, but may not have BMS control)

BMS domestic electricity

3. Dual independent lithium batteries (often said that they can be used on airplanes, but are dangerous. Accidents with this type of model are common in the news)


4. Imported lithium batteries (usually with BMS)

The BMS system Battery Managment System can calculate and stabilize the current and improve performance. It can be charged quickly and has a longer and stable life.

BMS wheelchair

5. Independent lithium battery that can be used on airplanes (the most stable, ultra-safe, can be used on airplanes, and has evidence)

wheelchair flight

Battery type

Lead-acid batteries

lithium battery

Domestic lithium battery

Dual independent lithium batteries

Imported lithium batteries (usually with BMS)

Independent lithium battery that can be used on airplanes


Low prices are cheap.

Reliable and proven for over 140 years.

Large capacity, resistant to overcharging.

Internal resistance is low.

Can provide high current.

Available in a variety of shapes and capacities.

Many suppliers.

High energy density - high energy.

Does not require prolonged use to remain active. Just charge it regularly.

Low automatic discharge rate -

Low maintenance requirements - no periodic drains required; no memory.

Specialty batteries can provide very high currents for tools such as electric wheelchairs.

low price

Lightweight and separable

Stable current and high efficiency, fast charging, longer and stable life

Lightweight and efficient, fast charging


Very bulky.

High automatic discharge rate, leakage power.

Need to be used frequently to maintain activity.

The efficiency is only 70%, but with some special designs, it can be as high as 85% to 90%.

There is a risk of overheating when charging

Not suitable for fast charging

The life span is 300 to 500 charge and difference cycles.

If the electrolyte solution is poor, the shelf life is uncertain.

Packaging protection is required, as is the circuit to keep voltage and current within safe limits.

It ages even when not used - storage at 40% charge in the shade will reduce the aging effect.

Shipping Restrictions - Larger quantity shipments may be subject to regulations. This restriction does not apply to portable batteries.

Expensive to manufacture

Not quite mature yet - metals and chemicals are constantly changing.

Commonly seen in styles

heavy duty vehicle

Domestic foldable electric wheelchair

Domestic electric wheelchair

Foldable electric wheelchair

Lightweight electric wheelchair


very heavy


very light


very light







Lifespan (charge-difference cycle)







Need daily use

Cheap and relatively unstable

It can be charged independently, but it is best to charge the two batteries at the same time, otherwise it will heat up if the high battery is charged and the low battery is charged.

More stable, safe and fast charging

Relatively stable, super safe, can be used on planes, and has evidence and evidence

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