[Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair] How to Choose a Wheelchair Size

[Tips for Choosing a Wheelchair] How to Choose a Wheelchair Size


When choosing a wheelchair, in addition to paying attention to weight, appearance, etc., you should also pay attention to the size of the wheelchair. Therefore, We have specially integrated the measurement methods of each part of the wheelchair, so that people in need can more effectively and accurately choose a wheelchair that suits them.

Wheelchair size

1. Seat width
First measure the widest points on both sides of the hip joint, then add 2.5cm to each side, which is the distance of 1 size clothing. If side pads are used, add the thickness of the pad.

Electric wheelchair width

* If the seat is too narrow, it will cause pressure on the buttocks and increase the risk of bedsores.
* If the seat is too wide, it will cause the person to deviate from the center of the seat when sitting.


2. Armrest height
First measure the user from the lowest point of the hip to the bend of the elbow when sitting, and then add 2.5cm. (23cm is suitable for most users)

Wheelchair armrest height

* Too high will put added pressure on the elbows and the shoulders will hunch upward.
* Too low will increase the pressure on the tailbone and cause the shoulders to sink.


3. Seat depth
Measure the distance from the back of the hip to the back of the knee, and then subtract approximately 6.35cm (the distance the knee moves).
If cushions are used, the width of the cushions must be added.

wheelchair seat depth

4. Seat height
First measure the overall height of the user:
165cm-188cm: ~52cm Seat height below 165cm: ~42-44.5cm Seat height over 188cm: ~55cm seat height

wheelchair height

5. Backrest height
Measure from the lowest point of your hips to your shoulders while seated. If a cushion is used, the thickness of the cushion needs to be added.
(Users with poor muscle tone can reduce their height by 7.6cm; users with good muscle tone can reduce their height by 10cm)

wheelchair back

6. Distance between pedals and seat cushions
Combined with the length from the inside of the knee to the sole of the foot, it can be finely adjusted when the wheelchair is tilted.

Wheelchair pedal

7. Front seat height
Controlled by the user: Determined by the size of the tire and transfer method Assisted by the caregiver: Determined by the height that is easy for the caregiver to use Outdoor use: The distance between the back of the pedal and the ground is more than 5cm


8. Rear seat height
It needs to be decided together with the front seat height.
With a stable posture, the height of the rear seat should be approximately 2-3cm equal to the height of the front seat.


9. Diameter of front and rear rollers
Advantages of a large diameter: easy to cross rocks and walk on soft surfaces such as grass. Advantages of a small diameter: easy to turn in small circles and smooth walking on hard surfaces

More information
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