2022 Consumer Voucher Guide

Wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs, rehabilitation beds - Hoho Medical Limited - Accept the latest consumer coupons for 2022

Use coupons to buy wheelchairs or rehabilitation beds at Hoho Medical. There is no limit on the number of coupons. You can use multiple coupons to purchase products. We accept all forms of payment using vouchers. One or more consumption coupons can be used at the same time, or other payment methods can be added.


One coupon can purchase a Miki CRT 2 push wheelchair (valued at $4900) and a surplus of $100

Two coupons can purchase a Karma MVP502 high-back wheelchair (valued at $8800) and have $1200 left over

Three coupons plus $980 can purchase an HX302 electric wheelchair ( valued at $15,980)

wheelchair voucher

Voucher discount details and terms and conditions:

Q1. Can I use more than one payment method to purchase a single product? For example: AliPay HK + Tap & Go?
Answer: Yes, products can be paid for with multiple payment methods.

Q2. Can I use coupons from homeowners / friends when purchasing a product ?
Answer: Yes, you can use consumption coupons/payment account to pay in store or online.

Q3. Can the balance be paid with other payment methods ?
Answer: Yes, there is no limit, any payment method is acceptable.

Q4 . Can I use the first issue of coupons to pay the deposit first, and then pay the balance after receiving the second issue of coupons ?

answer: Yes, colleagues can arrange to collect payment separately. The customer will be notified to pick up the goods after the payment is collected. 

Q5 . Are there any restrictions on the types of goods purchased with consumer vouchers ?

answer: No

Q6 . Can I use the consumer coupons without going to a physical store or when the goods arrive ?

answer: Yes, colleagues can arrange payment via mobile card machine, and you can make a note when ordering.