Remote video product demonstration

Remote video product demonstration

We know that in the current epidemic environment, it is difficult for users or our masters with limited mobility to reach some places. For Hoho Medical, the health and convenience of our users are very important to us.

In order to facilitate the needs of different users, in addition to making an appointment for a free on-site trial , a free video product demonstration (Virtual Demo) is now provided. Users can use mobile phones or tablets to watch real-time expert information while sitting at home. Demonstrate electric wheelchair related operations and explain professional knowledge.

Just fill in the form below with your name, email, phone number and product model to arrange a remote video product demonstration

Electric wheelchair demonstration

Remote video product demonstration
  • Service charge: free
  • Demonstration in video format (Virtual Demo)
  • Situational teaching, product use and technical explanations
  • Demonstrate how to operate in a simulated device environment
  • Provide professional usage advice
  • Time: about 60 minutes

    Trial terms:

    1. The free demonstration service provided by our company is only applicable to rehabilitation beds, electric wheelchairs and electric wheelchair scooters.

    2. Service hours are during our office hours

    If you have any inquiries, please contact us at +852 3568 0755 or Whatsapp +852 5717 0720.