Electric wheelchair - free door-to-door trial

Electric wheelchair - free door-to-door trial

The most professional electric wheelchair store: There are more than 50 electric wheelchairs available for trial in the showroom. We can also arrange for a master to come to your home for a free trial. The cost is completely free.

Specialized personnel will come to your home to allow users to try out the electric wheelchair to gain control skills and confidence, ensuring that the product is suitable for Hong Kong's home environment and street ramps. The entire process will be guided by dedicated personnel. Just fill in the form below with your name, email, phone number and product model to arrange a free trial at your doorstep and bring the electric wheelchair to you, conveniently and quickly.

A dedicated person will come to your door to teach you how to use the wheelchair correctly to increase your confidence and safety knowledge. You can also arrange to accompany the customer to a designated location after work to test the wheelchair, reducing the risk of differences between the purchase and the actual operation after purchase. Guests can personally experience the experience of going up and down the ramp, falling down, and crossing the bed. It is absolutely suitable for the customer's own home situation and the ramp on the street, so only buy it if it is suitable. Welcome to contact our specialists to try it out!

In addition, if you want to train again after the sale, you are welcome to use our after-sales service support.

Specialist comes to demonstrate
  • Service charge: free
  • Door-to-door demonstration
  • Situational teaching and on-site technical training
  • How to operate appropriately in the user’s living environment
  • Provide professional usage advice
  • Time: about 60 minutes

    Trial Terms:

    1. The free door-to-door trial service provided by our company is only applicable to electric wheelchairs and electric wheelchair scooters.

    2. A maximum of two models of electric wheelchairs can be tried in each test run.

    3. Each user has a free door-to-door test drive opportunity during the same purchase process.

    All areas in Hong Kong
    Service charges:
    completely free
    Trial model:
    Any model, up to two models of electric wheelchairs
    Test run time:

    Monday to Saturday, 10am - 19pm (can be arranged in advance during non-working hours)

    Other special arrangements:

    Additional auxiliary tools such as wheelchair threshold ramps, loudspeakers, walking aids, and emotional environment simulation devices can be carried


    **Hoho Medical Limited reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of this service.

    You can also have remote video product demonstrations , visit the showroom in person or call 35680755 for enquiries.