Product guarantee

Free warranty period (parts and labor included)

project *
Frame Structure
Bracket structure
Electric Components
Electronic parts (including: motor/battery/controller)
Scooter mobility scooter
60 Months months 12 Months months
Nursing Bed Nursing Bed
36 Months months 36 Months months
Electric Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair
24 - 60 Months months 12 Months months
Manual Wheelchair Manual Wheelchair
24 - 120 Months months -
Health Device Personal Care Products
12 Months months 12 Months months
Others Others
12 Months months -
* : Maintenance fees will be charged for malfunctions caused by man-made damage, unauthorized modification, unauthorized disassembly of the battery, etc.
Parts: such as pins/screws/fine plastic parts/rings are guaranteed to be replaced free of charge for life.
  • If any goods are damaged during the warranty period, repair labor costs and accessories will be free of charge , and there will be no other charges (if you need to call a taxi to collect/deliver the goods , transportation fees will be charged).
  • Customers must present the original valid receipt issued by Hoho Medical Limited to enjoy the relevant quality assurance. After customers purchase products, please keep all original invoices as proof.
  • Once the goods are transferred, the warranty will be deemed invalid.
  • After receiving the goods, if the customer finds that the product has quality problems and needs to be returned or exchanged, he or she can contact us and take a photo for our records for reference.
  • When returning the product, you must keep the original packaging box and return it together with all accessories.
  • When returning the product, the relevant gifts must be returned together.
  • All items sold are non-refundable.
  • All products cannot be returned or exchanged unless they involve quality issues.
The following items are not applicable to product warranty
– The product has been improperly stored or assembled, improperly used, abused, misused, altered, or treated with improper cleaning methods or detergents;
– The product has not been maintained according to the maintenance methods provided on the back page and/or the maintenance leaflet attached to the product;
– Any normal wear and tear, cuts, scratches, improper bending or damage caused by impact or accident;
– The product has been repaired and modified by non-technical personnel of the company;
– The product serial number has been converted, altered or removed
– Product damage caused by any external factors, such as problems caused by exposure to sunlight, moisture, dust, dust mites, etc.;
– The product has been left outdoors or in a humid environment, such as a bathroom;
– Damage caused by improper use, self-modification, disassembly, failure to follow the instructions for use of the instrument, or use of the specified power supply;
– Failures caused by moving or transporting after installation;
– Appearance materials, consumable materials (such as batteries, tires, seat cushions, heating pad covers) and other accessories;
– Mechanical strain injuries;
– Consumable parts, such as wheelchair tires, handbrakes, screws, etc.; arm straps of blood pressure monitors;
– The customer fails to present the purchase receipt;
– Special offer display items; or any products for which the original invoice cannot be provided.
If after the warranty period expires
In case of any dispute, Hoho Medical Limited reserves the right of final decision.

Employee qualifications

      Hoho Medical Limited has a professional team with knowledge and qualifications covering mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electronic engineering, design, ergonomics, occupational therapy, etc. It has an international perspective and is familiar with international standards. It introduces high-quality medical supplies from all over the world and Hong Kong Express is provided to complete repairs and delivery within 1-3 days.

      The team includes government-registered engineers and A- and B-licensed electricians ( about us ), and our emphasis is on knowledge and service.