How to choose a manual wheelchair (detailed instructions with pictures)

Wheelchair selection

There are countless types of wheelchairs on the market today, including large and small wheels, electric and hand-pushed. They have different brands and functions, and the prices are also very different, ranging from a few hundred yuan to more than 10,000 yuan a piece.

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Customers may be confused when purchasing a wheelchair. When purchasing a wheelchair, you can spend 5 minutes to pay attention to the following points to better understand how to choose a suitable wheelchair:

Wheelchair size

1. Suitable size

When selecting, pay attention to the width, depth, height, backrest and armrest height of the seat. It is recommended to visit the physical store to try sitting on it.

    • A well-fitting wheelchair brings high comfort, but an ill-fitting wheelchair may affect health or cause chronic physical strain.
    • Generally speaking, mainstream wheelchairs in Hong Kong use 43cm (17”) or 46cm (18”) as the standard seat width. This size has adapted to the body shape of most Hong Kong users (Asians). If you need a special size seat, please also inquire Made to order.

2. Purpose (required function)

First consider the user's situation and purpose of use. You can refer to the following selection suggestions for different uses:

Daily use : It is recommended to use a lightweight and comfortable wheelchair to maintain good life functions
Traveling or going out frequently : It is recommended to choose an ultra-light wheelchair for easy transportation
Special functions or high comfort needs : optional functional wheelchairs to meet special needs or the highest level of comfort

    Bracket design and materials:

    • The stent material can be made of steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, or even carbon fiber
    • PU solid, pneumatic tires and thickened tires, ergonomically designed seats and cushions, thickened cushions, genuine British PG controller, lithium batteries, etc.

    Diverse functions, including:

    • Reclining, adjustable back tension backrest, orthopedic footrest or detachable footrest, liftable or detachable armrests, handle type or foot-operated brake system or foldable back storage, etc.

    electric wheelchair:

    • Suitable for people who need to use a wheelchair for a long time, can control the wheelchair by themselves and go out on their own.

    Manual wheelchair:

    • It is suitable for people with short-term injuries (such as fracture patients purchasing orthopedic wheelchairs), who are cared for by caregivers, or who have upper limb muscles strong enough to push the wheelchair by themselves.

    3. Big and small rear tires

    • User's autonomy of action - if the wheel is large, the user can push it by themselves. Not so with small wheels.
    • User's living space - Large wheels require a larger rotation angle, while small wheels require a smaller angle.

    Suitable for wheelchair users with large rear wheels:

    • The user's upper limb muscles are sufficient to push the wheelchair by himself, the user is heavier and the pushing surface is bumpy.
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      Suitable for wheelchair users:

      • The wheelchair must be pushed by the caregiver, the wheelchair needs to be transported to and from the vehicle, the wheelchair needs to be moved to cross the bed, and the home passage is narrow.
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          Breaking down the big and small wheel fallacy:

          X Large wheels are more stable - Stability does not depend on the size of the rear wheels, but the distance between the front and rear wheels and the contact area between the tires and the floor.

          X Larger wheels are stronger - Sturdiness depends on the material and thickness of the tire.

          X Big wheels are easier to push - Big wheels are not better to push, they just require less effort. The same distance can be reached by rolling the big wheel in two turns, while the small wheel needs to roll in four turns. For caregivers, implementation is less laborious. Whether it pushes well or not depends on the wheel bearings.

          Note: When choosing a wheelchair, remember to fall into the myth that bigger tires are better. Large wheels are easier to push, but they affect the space for turning and shifting.

          4. Price

          Three major factors that affect price - functionality, materials (directly affecting weight) and brand quality

          • The more functions, materials, and quality, the higher the price will naturally be.
          • It is rare to find a low-priced wheelchair with many functions and good quality.

          Brand quality:

          • Mainstream hand-propelled wheelchair brands in Hong Kong are mainly from Japan (such as Miki , Nissin , Ichigo Ichie ) and Taiwan ( Karma , Merits ), and their quality is usually better than that of mainland brands.
          • Electric wheelchairs mainly come from Taiwan, the United States and Europe and are usually better than domestic ones.

          5. Proven safety and durability

          The weight of a wheelchair has a great impact on caregivers. In addition to weight considerations during implementation, it also greatly affects the feasibility and safety of folding and transporting the wheelchair. Wheelchairs made of ultra-light materials can prevent caregivers from being injured and strained during transportation.

          • Certificates include: ISO, FDA, CE, JIS T 9201, etc..

          The quality of the bracket design, body materials and accessories (seat cushions, such as batteries and controllers) also affects the sturdiness and durability of the wheelchair. Wheelchairs that have passed testing and obtained professional certification can effectively ensure user safety.

          The above are the basic selection conditions. It is recommended that you come to the company display for free training. Our specialists will evaluate the user's needs and usage environment, and then provide more targeted suggestions and tips.

          For professional advice and tailor-made recommendations, please call 35680755 Contact our team.

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