Wheelchair / Electric Wheelchair Rental

Wheelchair / Electric Wheelchair Rental

Charge details Details:

Electric Scooter
Electric Wheelchair
Manual Wheelchair
$2000/ week
$300/ week
$4000/ Month
$2000/ Month
$500/ Month
Deposit $4000/each unit
$4000/each unit

**All fees must be paid in cash.

Service quality :

  • All wheelchairs in our company will be cleaned before and after rental. The wheelchair seat and wheels will be treated with detergent, and the seat cushion will be removed and cleaned thoroughly to ensure hygiene.
  • Rental wheelchairs maintain more than 85-90% new clarity and are suitable for hospitality, travel and business.

Special rental arrangements :

  • If you rent for three months or more, you can enjoy discounts. Please inquire for details .
  • The rental period is at least one week. Rent paid will not be refunded and the deposit cannot be used for rent.

terms of use:

  • Renters need to bring their ID card / Passport for registration.
  • Please ensure that there is no damage during the rental period, otherwise you will be compensated accordingly.
  • If lost, compensation must be made at the original price.

**Hoho Medical Limited reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of this service.




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