Wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs from  Hoho Medical Limited - tailor-made, customized , retrofitted , fine-tuned and inspected services

We are committed to providing users with the most comfortable products and services to help them go the extra mile. In addition to explanations and demonstrations , on-site trials and after-sales services, we now provide the following various tailor- made services:

    Wheelchair and electric wheelchair bracket:

    Customized wheelchairarmrest tailor wheelchair

    Bikacha electric wheelchair controlElectric wheelchair rear control

    • Strengthen the sitting position or back position, strengthen it, and strengthen the load-bearing
    • Wheelchair dining table customization
    • Customized wheelchair (specified model), seat width, footrest height, etc.
    • Install or reduce batteries (specified models)
    • Install headrests, footrests, reflective stickers, bells, wheelchair tables, etc.
    • Remote control emergency stop switch (special reason and proof required)
    • Electric wheelchair - power on/replacement, battery wiring waterproof design

    Electric Wheelchair - Front/Rear Control or Left/Right Hand Control:

    Electric wheelchair rear controlelectric wheelchair rear controls

    If it may be difficult to control, our medical supplies engineering department will solve the problem for everyone, provide advice, services and hands-on work. Most electric wheelchairs can be controlled by the caregiver, but at the same time, we also hope that the caregiver understands and knows how to use it. First and foremost.

    Controller program fine-tuning:

    pg wheelchairjoy rider controller

    • accelerate
    • slow down
    • top/low speed
    • reaction
    • turning speed
    • Torque
    • output
    • Horn volume
    • Sound prompts when retreating, etc.

    Inspection and cleaning services:

    Electric wheelchair inspectionbattery wheelchair

    • Wheelchair and electric wheelchair maintenance and repair
    • Product cleaning services
    • Wheelchair waxing service
    • Battery life check service

    Accessible Channel:

    tailor ramptailor rubber

    • Foldable or telescopic ramps, suitable for building stairs
    • Customized hardware ramps of various styles, suitable for thresholds/levels
    • Customized odorless bias glue, suitable for indoor commode/wheelchair use
    • Customized heavy-duty bias tape, suitable for outdoor use
    • It can be customized according to the actual situation, and the design can be calculated according to the slope ratio.

     Hoho Medical Limited provides good products and services to improve the quality of life for users.


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