Eligible civil servants or retired civil servant customers can apply for the following government subsidies by presenting their invoices for medical supplies

(Subject to relevant government provisions, please read the following government information for details)

Reimburse/directly pay medical expenses

For the reimbursement of medical expenses to civil servants and eligible persons, any medicines/devices/services that meet the following conditions can obtain a medical certificate from the attending doctor of the Hospital Authority;

  1. The item is for therapeutic purposes (lifestyle items used based on personal convenience or choice rather than medical needs, or items not related to the treatment of disease are not included); and

b. The HA has no other free treatment with similar efficacy as an alternative; or in some cases, the patient does not have a good clinical response to the alternative treatment.

If civil servants and eligible persons do not apply for reimbursement of medical expenses, they can also apply to the Director of Health to pay the relevant expenses directly to external suppliers. However, they must first obtain a medical certificate issued by the attending doctor of the Hospital Authority and be accepted by the supplier. Direct debit arrangement. If the application is not approved by the Director of Health, or the amount approved is less than the actual amount required to be paid, civil servants and eligible persons must pay the balance directly to the external supplier.

Retired Civil Servants Welfare Fund

The Civil Service Bureau has a Retired Civil Service Welfare Fund, which is managed by the Retired Civil Service Section. This fund aims to provide financial assistance to retired civil servants or family members of deceased retired civil servants who are in real need. Retired civil servants (those who draw pension or annual provident fund instead of additional pension) or the surviving spouse or dependent children of a deceased retired civil servant may apply for assistance from the fund regardless of where they live. The assistance allocated by the fund is in the form of a one-off payment. The main factors to consider whether the case is approved or not include the income and expenditure status of the applicant and his family members, whether he has received other fund subsidies of the same nature, etc. If the application is approved, it will be disbursed. The maximum amount is the full amount.

For inquiries regarding application review, as well as related payment and accounting arrangements, you may contact the Medical Reimbursement Section of the Finance Department of the Department of Health (telephone number : 3107 3415 or 3107 3417) . All applications must be approved based on receipts of expenses.

If you are a retired civil servant, you may contact the Retired Civil Servants Service Section ( telephone number: 2810 3850) to obtain an application form.

Or you can fill in the following form

Application form for reimbursement/direct payment of medical expenses (except cancer drug expenses provided by the Hospital Authority) (PDF format) 

Applications for reimbursement/direct payment of medical expenses should be made by civil servants and retired civil servants. Applicants are required to fill in the application form for reimbursement/direct payment of medical expenses (except for cancer drugs provided by the Hospital Authority) and submit the completed form together with the itemized bill/original receipt from our department to the Department of Health Long processing (Room 1107-1108, 11th Floor, 248 Queen's Road East, Wan Chai, Hong Kong (Handling Group: Medical Reimbursement Section of the Finance Department)). If the drug for which the fee is reimbursed was purchased outside the HA, the applicant must attach a prescription from the attending doctor of the HA with the form. Where feasible, applicants should submit their application within three months after purchasing the medical item so that the Department of Health can process it in a timely manner.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us.

Updated April 2022