Electric Wheelchair - Lithium Battery Use and Maintenance

Electric wheelchair - lithium battery and maintenance


Since many users have problems purchasing or using electric wheelchairs , Hoho Medical will explain the professional knowledge of electric wheelchairs here.

Lithium batteries weigh only one-third of lead-acid batteries :

The battery used in an electric wheelchair directly affects the price and quality. High-quality electric wheelchairs on the market all use lithium batteries because:

1. The weight of lithium batteries is only about one-third of that of lead-acid batteries.

2. The lifespan is 3 times longer, about 1,000 recharges.

3. Lithium batteries make the electric wheelchair respond and drive faster, make it safer to use, and more durable.

How to make wheelchair lithium batteries more durable:

1. When charging, avoid turning on the controller at the same time. Do not charge and use electricity at the same time.

2. Choose a charger with an IC chip.

3. When using electricity, try not to overload or block the load, so as to avoid causing the battery to generate large current for a long time.

4. If the wheelchair uses two lithium batteries, remember to charge both batteries when charging to avoid potential differences during use, which will reduce battery life.

5. Try to avoid using the lithium battery to a completely empty state (i.e. 0%, Drain Out), which will reduce the life of the lithium battery.

Smart battery or in-flight lithium battery:

IATA, USDOT and aircraft companies have restrictions on the batteries of electric wheelchairs. If you need to board an airplane, you should use some approved lithium batteries.

The picture below shows the lithium battery of the Zinger Chair , which is certified by IATA and USDOT, and also has battery data. You can get on the plane as soon as you hand it over to the aircraft company, reducing worries.

Onboard lithium battery Zinger

Hoho Medical Supplies (updated in August 2022) - Hoho Medical experts are certified with electrician A/B licenses. If you have technical questions, please call.

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