Introducing the American Beasy mobile board mat (bed, wheelchair board)

The American Beasy Transfer Board is unlike any other lift or transfer device currently on the market, offering smooth vertical and lateral sliding and being manufactured from high-quality materials. Beasy's technology puts users in a safe and stable seat. Since the seat moves easily with the user through the system's base, the friction of movement is borne by the moving plate rather than the user's skin. Therefore, shear and friction that are present in some other transfer techniques and cause or contribute to tissue destruction are eliminated and are very energy efficient.

Wheelchair bed board

  • Made in the USA, high quality Beasy moving board pads provide side to side sliding transfers.
  • 360-degree rotatable seat plate and smooth sliding track - unlike ordinary moving boards or shifting pads on the market, caregivers no longer need to move injured or sick patients directly to help them move easily. It can effectively avoid strain on the caregiver's back and waist, and can also avoid secondary injuries to the injured patient .
  • When transferring the injured patient along the track of the moving board , the caregiver can place the injured patient on a safe and stable seat board. This can avoid excessive friction between the injured patient's skin and the moving board when shifting, and avoid causing skin abrasion .
  • According to statistics, among professional nursing staff’s claims for work-related injuries, the largest number of claims are caused by back injuries.
  • Many research data show that these back injuries are mostly caused by moving injured patients. Using the Beasy mobile board will greatly reduce the risk of back and waist injuries

American Beasy mobile board mat

Beasy mobile board is available in 3 models : S-type Model: 1100 , straight-plate Model: 1200 , and U-type Model: 1300 . Each Beasy mobile board is made from DuPont's patented super-strong polymer, an extremely strong plastic material. Therefore, the Beasy mobile board can withstand users weighing more than 181 kilograms (400 pounds). In laboratory tests, the Beasy mobile board can load more than 450 kilograms (1100 pounds) without being damaged.