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Free electric wheelchair trial

Our store provides free door-to-door test drive services, allowing users to experience electric wheelchairs or scooters. Specialist guidance will be provided throughout the process to ensure that users have mastered the control skills and confidence, allowing users to experience electric wheelchairs and ensuring that the products are suitable for home environments and street slopes. Just click to book or call +852 35680755 and tell us your name, contact information and product model to arrange a free trial at your doorstep, which is convenient and quick.

We have dedicated personnel come to your door to teach you how to use the wheelchair correctly, saving time. We can also arrange to accompany the customer to a designated location after get off work to test the vehicle, which reduces the risk of discrepancies between the operation and the actual environment after purchase. Guests can personally experience the experience of going up and down the ramp, falling down, and crossing the bed. It is absolutely suitable for the customer's own home situation and the ramp on the street, so only buy it if it is suitable. Contact us now for a test drive!

In order to ensure our product fits you and enhance the confidence on using mobility products, We provide the Free Scooter, Power Wheelchair Test Drive service. Simple fill in below form with your Name, Contact Method & Model, we will arrange the free at- home test drive service for you. Yes, it's free and we come to your place, so that you know the product fits your place and to learn how to handle it in your living area.

You can also call us at Tel.: +852 35680755.

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