Joy Rider electric wheelchair with the German Red Dot and Japanese G-Mark Design Awards

The electric wheelchair Joy Rider with the German Red Dot Design Award and the Japanese G-Mark Design Award

Joy Rider Red Dot

The Joy Rider electric wheelchair, developed by American designers Joel Husted and Royce Husted, takes only 2 seconds to fold. It is easy to store, stylish in appearance, easy to operate, and suitable for users of all ages. The patented swing footrest makes it easy for users to fully sit in and stand up without stepping over the footrest; the electromagnetic brake ensures safe and stable driving; turning in place only takes 90cm; Joy ​​Rider's forward-looking and lightweight design provides users with unlimited freedom of movement. Activity space.

Red Dot Winner 2019
The international judges of the Red Dot Design Award believe that Joy Rider's body design is exquisite, lightweight, easy to operate, and has the most flexible transportation function.


In addition, Joy Rider also won Japan's JAPAN "G Mark" GOOD DESIGN Award.

*The German Red Dot Design Award, the German iF Concept Design Award, the American Outstanding Industrial Design Award IDEA, and the Japanese G Mark Award are among the four major international design competitions in the world.

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Hoho Medical Limited is the general agent of Joy Rider in Hong Kong and Macau. You are welcome to visit our over 1,000-square-foot showroom to try it out for free.