Hong Kong and Macao licensed agent - Sunrise Quickie Q series electric wheelchair - available from stock

Available from stock - Introducing Sunrise Quickie Q series electric wheelchair and all product series (licensed agent for Hong Kong and Macao)

Sunrise quickie wheelchair

Sunrise Medical has a history of more than 40 years. Sunrise has always been the world's top manufacturer, manufacturing and supplying wheelchair products all over the world. It enjoys a high reputation and has agents in 130 countries around the world. Because the motor, endurance, performance, reliability and durability of Sunrise products are all outstanding. Among them, Quickie is a professional wheelchair and electric wheelchair brand owned by Sunrise. We specialize in providing Sunrise Quickie lightweight products, and are the exclusive general agent of Quickie Q50R carbon in Hong Kong and Macao. We are available from stock. Users are welcome to try it out or order from peers.

Sunrise medical wheelchair agent