Can electric wheelchairs be allowed on board? The truly boarding electric wheelchair

[An electric wheelchair that can truly board a plane]

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With the relaxation of entry and exit restrictions, many people will choose to travel as a family, and whether wheelchairs can be boarded on planes is believed to be the biggest concern for many users. Our lightweight electric wheelchairs, Joy Rider, Pride iGO and Marathon can also easily board the plane, making the process even smoother and simpler.

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Generally speaking, our electric wheelchairs that can be used on airplanes are genuine and can meet the requirements of international airlines. If necessary, we can also provide assistance to ensure that customers have a smooth journey.

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Joy Rider, Pride iGO, and Marathon are a new generation of lightweight wheelchairs with a net weight of 18-22.6kg. If you are interested, you can make an appointment for a free door-to-door trial.

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