Electric wheelchair repair parts and services

For electric wheelchair repair parts and services, our company will provide customers with original parts, unlike other companies that use sub-factory parts. Repairs can usually be processed within the same day.

We select high-quality products, tailor-made components, has its own products and production lines, directly cooperates with manufacturers, is familiar with operating system coding and has a deep understanding of mechanical principles, so it can provide you with one-stop service and support.

Electric wheelchair : comes with free long-term maintenance for at least 12 months, and some models have 3-year maintenance.

Electric wheelchair controller coding : A dedicated person can come to the door and, depending on the user's habits or environment, adjust the speed and strength, etc., they can also detect problems with electronic control parts or usage time.

Warranty location : All maintenance and repairs are completed at our own factory in Hong Kong.

Time : Unless the bracket or large parts are damaged, it can usually be completed within the same day (weekdays).

Cost : Free during the maintenance period, including parts and labor, no hidden charges or inspection fees.

Master and Engineering Department Qualifications : A master and registered engineer with 20 years of experience, our company is also an accredited member of the Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Equipment Industry Association.


現在所有產品都包含HOHO CARE 服務