Service and Support

Hoho Medical Limited provides comprehensive customer service

Hoho Medical Limited has a professional team with knowledge and qualifications covering mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, electronic engineering, design, ergonomics, occupational therapy, etc. It has an international perspective and is familiar with international standards. It introduces high-quality medical supplies from all over the world and Hong Kong Express is provided to complete repairs and delivery within 1-3 days.

There are professionals in the team to serve you:

  • Hong Kong Medical and Healthcare Devices Industry Association - Product and Technology Development Subcommittee
  • Government registered engineers and master electricians holding A and B licenses - see About Us for details
  • Master's degree in Automotive and Mechanical Engineering
  • Registered Social Worker
  • Company fleet and technician 

Services include :

You can use the online form, email or call us and we will respond within the same day or immediately.

What we focus on is users' understanding, use, maintenance, repair, and even recycling of products.

Do you want a repair? We believe you don't want to either. We believe you would rather use safe, reliable, high-quality products and use them according to professional guidance.

You are welcome to contact us . We guarantee that the team will handle your issue with great care.