Electronic consumption voucher arrangements and discount details

Wheelchair Voucher

We accept all 6 payment methods with electronic consumer vouchers, and you can even use the vouchers to pay on delivery without leaving home.

We accept all 6 payment methods, and you can pay without going to the store! Very convenient! include

Alipay Hong Kong
BoC Pay
PayMe from HSBC
Tap & Go "Tap and Go"
WeChat PayHK


Where and how to use coupon discounts:

multiple wheelchair locations

1. Good medical supplies store

2. Directly use wechat / Ali pay / credit card to use consumer coupons online

3. Whatsapp 57170820 provides Wechat/Ali pay QR code or Octopus code

4. Call 35680755 and use any of the 4 coupon mobile methods to pay when the goods arrive.

Voucher discount details and terms and conditions:

wheelchair voucher
Can I use more than one payment method to purchase a single product? For example: AliPay HK + Tap & Go?
Answer: No, a single product can only be paid with the same payment method.

Q2. Can I use coupons from homeowners / friends when purchasing a product ?
Answer: Yes, but you must have a consumption coupon/payment account to pay in person in person.

Q3. Can the balance be paid with other payment methods ?
Answer: Yes, there is no limit, any payment method is acceptable.

Q4 . Can I use the first issue of coupons to pay the deposit first, and then pay the balance after receiving the second issue of coupons ?

answer: Yes, colleagues can arrange to collect payment separately. The customer will be notified to pick up the goods after the payment is collected. 

Q5 . Are there any restrictions on the types of goods purchased with consumer vouchers ?

answer: No

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