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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

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Size chart

How to choose an electric wheelchair

How to choose an electric wheelchair

There are hundreds of electric wheelchairs on the market. They may look similar, but their prices can vary thousands of miles. Those with similar prices may have very different specifications. Faced with dozens of electric wheelchairs, how should consumers choose? Hoho Medical Limited is here for you. Summarize the key points and teach you how to choose an electric wheelchair.

Generally speaking, users only need normal cognitive abilities, vision and hand movement coordination to operate an electric wheelchair. If you are not sure whether the user's physical condition is suitable, it is recommended to check with a medical professional first.

Electric wheelchairs can generally be divided into three categories: lightweight folding type , full-function folding type , and stable and durable type . Choosing the most suitable type mainly depends on the user's body shape and usage requirements.

Electric wheelchairs are based on manual wheelchairs, plus batteries, motors and controllers. Electric wheelchairs are heavier than manual wheelchairs because in addition to the battery, motor and controller, their brackets, tires and wheels also need to be strengthened to withstand heavier forces.

Latest developments in 2023
In the past, electric wheelchairs used lead-acid batteries, and more recently, lithium batteries have been used; from very heavy brushed motors to recent brushless motors; and recently, there are even electric wheelchairs with carbon fiber frames . As times change, electric wheelchairs gradually become lighter and lighter.

Lightweight folding type ( can be used on airplanes )

Fully functional folding type

    Stable and durable

            • The smallest size and lightest weight. The advantage is that it can be used or stored in a small place, and can be placed in the trunk of a car after folding.
            • The battery specifications can be used on airplanes and cruise ships, making it convenient for frequent travelers.
            • Suitable for people weighing 200 pounds and under 180cm tall.
            • Wheelchair weight: about 17kg - 25kg
            • Such as: Quickie Q50R Carbon , Joy Rider , Zinger , Pride iGO Lite , Marathon , Aerolite , Fold & Go , XTi
          • There are a variety of models and price options to meet the needs and budgets of most users.
          • It has a slightly larger battery and is more durable. It can travel longer distances and is enough to travel for a whole day or even several days.
          • The chair back is high, the seat is comfortable, and the components can be folded, removed or adjusted, or accessories can be added.
          • The tires are suitable for various terrains, and motors with a power of over 300W can go up and down slopes.
          • Load capacity up to 300 lbs. Generally, seats are 18 inches wide. Other sizes can be customized for those with special needs.
          • Wheelchair weight: about 29kg - 39kg
          • Such as: DMC-III , GX300 , HH300L , Merits E3LA
                  • Provide outdoor and multi-purpose, such as stair climbing, lifting and lying on the back, command light function, equipped with high-horsepower motor, etc.
                  • Most heavy-duty wheelchairs are not foldable and are heavy.
                  • The price is usually the most expensive of the three types.
                  • Wheelchair weight: 40kg - 80kg or more
                  • Such as: Sunrise Quickie Q300-700 , Karma KP 45.3 , Pride Jazzy Air 2.0 , B-free 



        Once you know the type of electric wheelchair the user needs, you can then filter based on your budget or requirements.

        Electric wheelchairs are more expensive, mainly because of the combination of three main electric parts (motor, battery and controller). Even if electric wheelchairs use the same motor data, there will be significant differences due to different controllers or batteries. .

        Main factors affecting electric wheelchairs:

        · Motor horsepower and types (brushed vs. brushless)

        Brushed motor is the more common type of motors. Its advantages are cheap price, fast starting and braking, and high horsepower , but its disadvantages are heavy weight and low efficiency . And brushed motors are not suitable for working at high temperatures , because high temperatures cause the connection

        The springs in the carbon brushes "temper" and become soft, thereby reducing their effectiveness over time .

        brush motor wheelchair


        Carbon wipes used in electric wheelchairs:

        Most of the time, the electric wheelchair motor has worn out and the user feels powerless, so the carbon brush has to be replaced.

        Carbon wipes used in electric wheelchairs

        Brushless motors are motors without carbon brushes for phase change. The advantage is that there is no carbon brush as a current phase changer, so there is no need to clean the carbon brushes due to friction. Maintenance is simpler, and the life span and efficiency are higher. It is long and only uses thin magnets and coils, so it is also lighter and less bulky . It is more expensive because it is difficult and costly to produce.

        Wheelchair Brushless Motor

        Performance competition:

        The efficiency of brushless motor is about 65-80% , and the efficiency of brushless motor is about 80-90% . For example, with a 20Ah battery, an electric wheelchair with a brushed motor can run for 4 hours; on the other hand, an electric wheelchair with a brushless motor can run for 6 hours.


        · Lithium battery or lead-acid battery, capacity, whether it can be boarded on an airplane, etc.

        Lithium batteries weigh only one-third of lead-acid batteries, but their lifespan is three times longer than ordinary lead-acid batteries. Lithium batteries are also almost three times more expensive than lead-acid batteries.

        1. Lead-acid batteries (cheap, but heavy)

        Wheelchair Lead Acid Batteries


        2. Domestic lithium batteries (lightweight, cheap, but may not have BMS control)

        wheelchair lithium battery

        3. Dual independent lithium batteries (often said that they can be used on airplanes, but are dangerous. Accidents with this type of model are common in the news)

        Dual independent lithium batteries

        4. Imported lithium batteries (usually with BMS)

        The BMS system Battery Managment System can calculate and stabilize the current and improve performance. It can be charged quickly, and has a longer and stable life.

        Imported lithium batteries (usually with BMS)
        Electric wheelchair 18650
        Electric wheelchair Samsung

        5. Independent lithium battery that can be used on airplanes (the most stable, ultra-safe, can be used on airplanes, and has evidence)

        electric wheelchair joy rider

        Battery type

        Lead-acid batteries

        lithium battery

        Domestic lithium battery

        Dual independent lithium batteries

        Imported lithium batteries (usually with BMS)

        Independent lithium battery that can be used on airplanes


        Low prices are cheap.

        Reliable and proven for over 140 years.

        Large capacity, resistant to overcharging.

        Internal resistance is low.

        Can provide high current.

        Available in a variety of shapes and capacities.

        Many suppliers.

        High energy density - high energy.

        Does not require prolonged use to remain active. Just charge it regularly.


        Low automatic discharge rate -


        Low maintenance requirements - no periodic drains required; no memory.


        Specialty batteries can provide very high currents for tools such as electric wheelchairs.

        low price

        Lightweight and separable

        Stable current and high efficiency, fast charging, longer and stable life

        Lightweight and efficient, fast charging

        Commonly seen in styles

        heavy vehicle

        Domestic foldable electric wheelchair

        Domestic electric wheelchair

        Foldable electric wheelchair

        Lightweight electric wheelchair


        very heavy


        very light


        very light







        Lifespan (charge-difference cycle)







        Need daily use

        Cheap and relatively unstable

        It can be charged independently, but it is best to charge the two batteries at the same time, otherwise it will heat up if the high battery is charged and the low battery is charged.

        More stable, safe and fast charging

        Relatively stable, super safe, can be used on planes, and has evidence and evidence

        Battery type article details


        · Controllers and smart programs

        On the market, the most famous and durable brands are PG and Dynamic. The PG control current is relatively stable, the shell is durable, relatively stable and flexible, and it is suitable for medium to large electric wheelchairs. Dynamic is easier to detect fine-tuning programs and is suitable for new design models. There are also domestic controllers, which are cheaper.

        · Frame design, material and material thickness 

        · Wheel size and type

        ·Manufacturer, brand, origin

        · Safety certificate and maintenance


        If you have any questions, whether it's choosing a wheelchair, price, size, rental or trying it out at home, we have experts to assist you +852 35680755 / WhatsApp +852 57170820 . Welcome to inquire or make an appointment.



        There are wheelchair companies selling inferior products on the market . The most common method is to replace the chair controller or modify the program .

        Therefore, the following controller article is specially proposed.

        Separate electric wheelchair controllers

        Real controller vs fake controller (seems to be the same, but the actual control safety is much worse)

        The cost of genuine British PG controllers is high , while the cost of domestic counterfeit controllers is low ( usually found on Taobao ). Merchants profit from the price difference and sell wheelchairs at low prices, using modified and inferior controllers, endangering user safety . The characteristics of genuine British PG controllers are: fast response, stable current and control, and durable and sturdy design; on the contrary, the quality of domestic inferior controllers is questionable.

        The controller is one of the most important parts of the electric wheelchair, because it is the brain hub of the electric wheelchair, controlling the wheelchair switch, forward, backward and direction, and battery control and monitoring. A program error or malfunction may put the user's life at risk. Genuine and original controllers are not only flexible, but more importantly, safe and stable.

        To distinguish the controllers, when purchasing a wheelchair, you can pay attention to whether the controller indicator light is clear, the printing color is clear, the orange speed switch is orange not yellow , and has an orange ( ) bracket-shaped print, and whether the response is immediate and stable, etc. Of course, the best way to distinguish is through real trial comparison.

        Here are some differences that can be illustrated graphically:

        True PG electric wheel controller (Authentic)

        The indicator light is clear and the printing color is clear. The orange speed switch is orange and has an orange ( ) bracket-shaped print. The response is immediate and stable.

        Counterfeit electric wheel controller

        The indicator light is dull , the printing color is blurry, the orange speed switch is yellow , there is no bracket-shaped printing, and the response is slow and unresponsive.

        British PG VSI controller ( official website )

        Fake controller electric wheelchair

        Non-PG modified controller

        Electric wheelchair PG

        British PG VSI controller ( official website )

        fake electric wheelchair controller

        Non-PG modified controller

        Electric wheelchair Italy

        Italian Fold & Go electric wheelchair official video | British PG VR2 latest ergonomic design controller ( official website )

        fake electric wheelchair controller 3

        Non-PG modified controller


        The controller can still be distinguished with eyes, but if the battery or motor is replaced, it cannot be easily recognized. There is no point in looking for a technician to modify the electric wheelchair. It is recommended to try an electric wheelchair before purchasing it, especially if you are going up and down slopes and choose a company that can take on long-term maintenance .

        related articles:

        What you need to know about using electric wheelchairs (including testing) Is the electric wheelchair suitable for users? (with test)

        How to use an electric wheelchair and precautions How to use an electric wheelchair and precautions

        Electric wheelchair controller Electric Wheelchair - Controller

        Electric wheelchair lithium battery Electric Wheelchair - Lithium Battery

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        Brushless electric wheelchair Brushless motor VS brushed motor

        PG controller Genuine controller and its packaging

        How to get an electric wheelchair on a plane How to get an electric wheelchair on an airplane Steps for getting on an airplane with an electric wheelchair

        How to get an electric wheelchair on a plane Electric wheelchair on board UN38.3

        Battery type How to choose a battery

        How to improve lithium battery performance How to improve lithium battery performance

        wheelchair battery Single battery vs dual battery

        HOW TO USE WHEELCHAIR How to use a wheelchair Things to know when using a wheelchair

        Electric wheelchair going uphill Teaching skills of ascending and descending

        wheelchair transfer How to properly transfer a wheelchair user

        Wheelchair size How to choose the right size

        Electric wheelchair regulation and legislation Regulations and legislation regarding electric wheelchairs

        good guarantee Good quality assurance of medical supplies

          COVID WHEELCHAIR How to clean wheelchairs and electric wheelchairs during Covid

        Electric wheelchair or manual wheelchair? Should you choose an electric wheelchair or a manual wheelchair?

        The contents of this website are protected by copyright and may not be reproduced without permission.

        The above is the original content of Hoho Medical Limited Please do not reprint or plagiarize it. If found, legal action will be taken.

        電動輪椅 Joy Rider Ultra Light
        電動輪椅 Joy Rider Ultra Light Magnet
        電動輪椅 Joy Rider Splite
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)
        Joy Rider
        Joy Rider
        美國 Joy Rider 電動輪椅 (2項美國專利, 20.8kg, 輕便可上車尾箱)

        Joy Rider lightweight electric wheelchair

        Two award-winning US patented original designs - Lightweight design - Total weight is only 22.6kg - Multiple international professional certifications from Germany and Japan - Made in Taiwan - Lighter and easier to use than ordinary electric wheelchairs, while being safe and powerful

        Joy Rider is derived from the highly successful Zinger folding electric wheelchair , recognized as the lightest in the world. Both models reference groundbreaking innovative patents and designs, and are hot sellers around the world. American designers Joel Husted, Royce Husted and their son designed Joy Rider to adopt the same ultra-lightweight design as Zinger. The design is simple and modern, and it is equipped with a controller that can be operated with one hand, making it easier for users to control and use, and making users more mobile. More autonomous.

        Patent 1: Joy Rider can be folded instantly. A simple steel cable is located on the back of the chair. It is very easy to unfold and takes only 2 seconds. Patent 2: Swing Away foot pedal, which makes it easy for feet or crutches to move up and down freely and safely.

        Joy Rider owns Germany Red Dot Design Award , Japan G-Mark and two U.S. patents ; designers and Taiwanese manufacturers produce it in accordance with EU specifications CE and comply with international tests such as "ISO 7176", "EN 12184" and "California TB-117" , including multiple impact, battery and Fire -tested ultralight wheelchair . Joy Rider is an easy-to-use electric wheelchair that has never appeared on the market and can truly combine "sturdiness", "lightweight" and "electricity".

        Joy Rider function overview:

        Electric wheelchair structure

        Joy Rider won many design awards such as Germany’s Red Dot and Japan’s Good Design Award.

        electric wheelchair

        Red Dot Winner

        An electric wheelchair that won the German Red Dot Design Award; international judges believed that Joy Rider has a compact body design, is lightweight, is easy to operate, and has the most flexible mobility function.

        joy rider wheelchair

        G-Mark Good Design Award

        Joy Rider already won Japan's JAPAN "G Mark" GOOD DESIGN Award when it first came out.

        Good Design G-mark

        *The German Red Dot Design Award, the German iF Concept Design Award, the American Outstanding Industrial Design Award IDEA, and the Japanese G Mark Award are among the four major international design competitions in the world.

        Patented folding method, simple and fast folding


        Electric wheelchair Hong Kong

        Joy Rider is easy to fold

        Pull the steel wire behind the Joy Rider and push the back of the chair forward to fold it. After folding, the Joy Rider can be placed on six sides through the symmetrical design on both sides of the frame (including laying it flat on the top or bottom, lifting it on the left or right side, moving the wheel downwards in a pulling and sliding way, or lifting the handle downwards as a lever).

        Patented frame design, easy to lift and put on the car

        Accessible - electric wheelchair JOY riderPortable electric wheelchair

        There are two ways to easily lift the wheelchair: Method 1, as shown in the first picture above, lift the wheelchair on its side; Method 2, as shown in the second picture above, use the patented design of the frame, put the wheelchair upside down, close to the thighs, and use the lever to lift it up Reduce the force and lift the wheelchair to a high position.

        200W brushless motor for both manual and electric use:

        Just push the mode switching lever on the motor up and down to switch between manual and electric modes, which is clear and simple.

        Globally recognized (meeting CE requirements) safe load capacity

        As a global product, CE requires electric wheelchairs to have a load capacity of more than 115 kg, and Joy Rider must and has passed this requirement. The Joy Rider electric wheelchair is equipped with a pair of 200W brushless motor motors, which are still capable of going up and down slopes and turning on the spot under load.

        New electric wheelchair

        Up and down ramps and electromagnetic braking:

        When going up or down a slope, if you want to pause your progress, just release the Joy Rider's joystick to stop. The electromagnetic brake in the brushless motor will keep you stable and help you control your progress. Joy Rider can be used on slopes up to 12 degrees or more.

        American Joy Rider electric wheelchair

        For your reference: The US ADA standard wheelchair ramp is 5º or less. The Hong Kong government's barrier-free access standard is only 1:12, which is 4.76º or less.

        Adjustable anti-reverse wheel:

        Generally speaking, the anti-reverse wheels of electric wheelchairs are not adjustable in length or are made of thin materials. Joy Rider's extra-thick adjustable anti-reverse wheels can be adjusted to a longer length according to your incline needs or storage space.

        joy rider anti-reverse wheel

        Adjustable anti-reverse wheel:

        Generally speaking, the anti-reverse wheels of electric wheelchairs are not adjustable in length or are made of thin materials. Joy Rider's extra-thick adjustable anti-reverse wheels can be adjusted to a longer length according to your incline needs or storage space.

        joy rider anti-reverse wheel

        Detachable controller:

        Simply pull up the spring-loaded screw on the support frame to lift the controller and untie the wires to disassemble the controller. Convenient to avoid collision when getting into the car.

        Aircraft lithium battery:

        Battery on the plane

        The battery complies with USDOT/IATA (including UN 38.3 regulations) T1-T8 and IATA aviation specifications and can be carried on the plane. For details, see How to use an electric wheelchair on a plane

        Very easy-to-use controller (equipped with anti-theft function and customizable speed):

        The controller system is very easy to use. You can use the joystick to control the walking direction of Joy Rider, and you can also adjust the speed on the controller. It is also equipped with a colored LED light to display the battery level. It is specially equipped with a "horn" button to alert pedestrians when necessary to enhance safety. It also has an anti-theft function and a personalized output power change speed.

        Joy Rider control

        Patented Swing Away pedal:

        JOY Rider sway away

        The patented rocking footrest allows users to easily sit in or out of the seat. Users can push the footrest back to sit directly in or out of the seat.

        JOY RIDER electric wheelchair specifications:

        model: Joy Rider


        20.8 kg (without battery) / 21.6kg (with battery) / 22.6 kg (with large-capacity battery)

        Maximum load: 115kg

        Volume after folding:

        112.5 cm x 63.8 cm x 31.4 cm

        Volume before folding:

        82.5 cm x 63.8 cm x 91 cm

        Rotate in place: Can. Only 90cm

        Seat height: (from ground)

        19 in. (48.5 cm)

        Seat size:

        18 in. (46.0 cm )

        Driving distance when fully charged:

        13 kilometers (8.7Ah standard battery) / 16 kilometers (10.5Ah battery)

        Top speed:

        6 km/h - 5-step speed adjustment

        Front wheel: (diameter×width)

        8 in. × 1.5 in. (20 cm x 3.5 cm)

        Rear wheel: (diameter×width)

        10 in. × 2.2 in. (30.5 cm x 5.5 cm) - Pressure (20~28PSI/1.4~2.0BAR)


        12 degrees or above (factory test standard is 18


        Motor type:

        200W x 2, input voltage 24V, brushless electromagnetic motor


        Panasonic lithium-ion battery, 10.5Ah / 260Wh capacity - compliant with CE and UN38.3 aircraft testing

        Charging time:

        Less than 4.5 hours

        Patent 1) Parallel frame

        After folding, it can be placed on six sides, and can be laid flat in front, back, left, right, up and down; the patented design can be used to lift the wheelchair above the waist and put it into a high position such as the trunk of a car .

        Patent 2) Swing Away pedal

        No need to step over to get to your seat

        color: black green
        tire: Optional pneumatic tires/solid tires
        Origin: Made in Taiwan

        EMC, SGS, CE, IATA, USDOT international approvals.

        Also complies with international and Hong Kong Hospital Authority ISO 7176, EN 12184 and California TB-117 standards

        Including load-bearing, battery and stability tests, etc.

        ISO 7176 (Chapter 1-10, 14 and 21) Certification:

        ISO joy rider

        UN38.3 certification (can be used on airplanes) :

        Wheelchair un38.3

        Joy Rider Guest Sharing

        Electric wheelchair rides on Mount Parker's radar station, uphill, downhill, high-speed rail and private cars

        Joy Rider Wheelchair Incline

        joy rider on train

        joy rider wheelchair

        joy rider wheelchair on car

        wheelchair incline


        Actual test report:

        International Red Dot Design Award Red Dot Award

        Japan G-Mark Good Design Award

        Unwire / We60 / User sharing

        electric wheelchair

        The JOY RIDER name and logo are registered trademarks. The JOY RIDER is protected by US patents with international patents pending. Hoho Medical Limited. is the exclusive agent of Joy Rider in Hong Kong and Macau. If there is imitation and plagiarism, we have the right to take legal action.

        Joy Rider logo

        US trademark


        Joy Rider electric wheelchair comes with local maintenance ( parts and labor included)

        • 24-month frame maintenance
        • 12 months warranty on motor, controller and battery

        Available from stock, local warranty, original authorized by the original manufacturer (with independent body number), welcome to the showroom address to experience it.

        In addition, we provide free door-to-door trial services in all districts of Hong Kong (please make an appointment in advance for outlying islands). Just call our hotline +852 35680755 to arrange a trial, absolutely free of charge.


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