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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

3. 可以貨到支付或在現場使用信用卡。

4. 可預定指定時間內送貨。

5. 如需任何特別安排,歡迎落單時通知


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台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)
台灣 Karma 高背油壓輪椅 (F24 KM5000)

Karma high back hydraulic wheelchair F24 KM5000

  • The seat width is 18 inches standard. KM 5000 F24 only has the large wheel version.
  • V-shaped anti-slip system on the seat back, safe and stable when lying back
  • Ergonomic 3D head and neck pillow design, following the head and neck curve, effectively reducing neck pressure
  • Super power bar design , lowering the back can absorb shock, rising can assist pushing
  • Lying (black)/ braking (red) independent system, clear and easy to operate
  • Lying on the back can reach 90 to 163 degrees , stepless adjustment
  • Suitable for people who need comfortable rides for a long time/stroke patients
  • Detachable lifting pedals for easy shifting to meet the needs of different situations
  • The headrest, armrests, and footrests are all removable , and the entire vehicle is extremely small when folded, making it easy to store and transport.
  • The headrest assembly can be removed and converted back to a standard wheelchair.
  • Fully detachable armrests for easy access to the desktop, increasing convenience
  • aegis anti-bacterial and anti-mildew treated seat back cushions, and the paint material of the car body also passed aegis anti-bacterial and anti-mildew standards
  • Passed the British impact test , the bearing capacity and frame are more safe and secure
  • The headrest, upper back and seat cushions are all removable

    karma 24

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