Electric wheelchair price (Price Factors)

Electric wheelchair price

Electric wheelchair price

When purchasing an electric wheelchair , in addition to considering the user's body shape and purpose, one of the things to consider is the price. Let's briefly explain the factors that affect the price of an electric wheelchair and the potential factors involved.

1. Bracket materials and design

  • Material: New electric wheelchairs are all made of aluminum alloy because they are hard enough and light. The old (possibly cheaper) ones are made of steel, which costs less, but is heavier and will rust when the paint peels off, making it less durable.
  • Design: Electric wheelchairs are divided into lightweight, foldable and heavy-duty types. The brackets vary depending on the design materials; there are volume issues (for example, newer wheelchairs are less produced), so the brackets will be more expensive.

2. Battery

  • Lithium battery : The life of lithium battery is three times that of ordinary lead-acid battery, it can be charged for 1,000 cycles, and its weight is more than twice that of lead-acid battery. Lithium batteries are also subdivided into components, capacity AH, quality, performance, etc., so the prices vary.
  • Lead-acid battery (hydroelectric): traditional battery, heavy, the advantage is that it can be used on airplanes and there is no control.

3. Controller

  • Controller brand and style. There are cheap domestic imitation PG controllers on the market, but the quality and response time are much inferior.

4. Motor (motor)

  • The output power of the motor is the key to whether you can go up the slope. For electric wheelchairs, for all-round daily use, please choose the most famous and quality-assured motor. Generally speaking, 300W or more is enough for use on all slopes in Hong Kong. For travel and many flat roads, brushless motors can be used because they are lighter in weight and more durable.

5. Other potential factors:

  • brand
  • Certificates of CE/ISO/IATA/USDOT/FDA, etc.
  • maintainance

(Article update date: 02/11/17)

The following is a video of the factors that determine the price of an electric wheelchair:

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