Maintenance and after-sales support services

In addition to providing high-quality authentic products , our mission is also to focus on customer service.

Since 2012, it has been more than 10 years, and we have served customers on the front line more than 10,000 times. He has professional knowledge of the medical supplies industry and has actual on-site use and after-sales experience.

2023 [2023 Mid-Year Review: Maintenance rate successfully reduced to 0.3% ]

Successful reduction of maintenance rate, high-quality products, test runs and practical experience

Since its establishment, Haohao Medical Supplies has been insisting on collecting high-quality recommended wheelchair products from all over the world for customers to make them comfortable, safe and convenient to use.

This year 2023, we have set "reduce the probability of repair" as our annual goal, hoping to save customers the cost and time caused by repairs. Until today, we have successfully reduced the maintenance rate to 0.3% (including human damage). We would rather control the quality and familiarize users with the operation to reduce maintenance. The maintenance items are mainly consumable parts, such as screws and pins. piece of cake. Therefore, the resident master only needs to concentrate on customization matters.

In addition, the free door-to-door test service has received an overwhelming response. The test service covers all 18 districts in Hong Kong, including many slopes, such as Sai Ying Pun, Mid-Levels, etc. It never talks on paper, has sufficient practical experience, and is free of charge. We also call on everyone to be careful of the "trapped beast" consumption model. Some stores use the name of "free pick-up and delivery" to take consumers to the showroom to try out wheelchairs for a fee. Once the consumer does not buy the company's products, they have to leave at their own expense. On the one hand, most of those who need to try wheelchairs are elderly people with limited mobility. For them, it is difficult to leave on their own. Spending money before buying the wheelchair you like is really not worth the gain. Therefore, I hope everyone will consume wisely and avoid falling into this consumption blind spot.

During the after-sales cycle, the services we provide include:

  1. User operation support
  2. Consulting and training
  3. Assistance in bringing an electric wheelchair onto the plane
  4. Product fine-tuning or personalization
  5. Renovation and cleaning
  6. Repair warranty
  7. Recycling
User operation support, product re-consultation and training services (like the electric wheelchair pre-sale trial service , we can provide product support and demonstration again)

If you still have questions about the use of the product after purchasing it, Haohao Medical Products provides the following services to help you ensure that you or your family can use the product correctly and safely after purchasing the product. Services include (all products: wheelchairs/electric wheelchairs/scooters/nursing beds and other products):

Telephone technical support
  • The specialist will give you a detailed introduction and provide professional usage tips.
  • Provide you with further explanation and support based on user situation/requirements/region
  • Service charge: free
  • Number of times: unlimited
Repeat training using techniques
  • Further demonstration and training in the showroom
  • Service charge: free
  • Number of times: unlimited
Specialist comes to demonstrate
  • Door-to-door demonstration
  • Situational teaching and on-site technical training
  • Understand the user’s usage or living environment
  • Provide professional usage advice
  • Service charges: Charged by region (if you have never arranged a free on-site trial , it will be free)

Free maintenance warranty (parts and labor included)

Frame Structure
Bracket structure
Electric Components
Electronic parts (including: motor/battery/controller)
Scooter mobility scooter
60 Months months 12 Months months
Nursing Bed Nursing Bed
36 Months months 36 Months months
Electric Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair
24 - 36 Months months 12 Months months
Manual Wheelchair Manual Wheelchair
24 - 120 Months months -
Health Device Personal Care Products
12 Months months 12 Months months
Others Others
12 Months months -

Parts: such as pins/screws/fine plastic parts/rings are guaranteed to be replaced free of charge for life.

Wheelchairs, electric wheelchairs - repair and maintenance

wheelchair repair HK

wheelchair repair title

Electric wheelchair : Comes with free maintenance for up to 2 years, and some models have 3-year/5-year maintenance.

Manual wheelchair : up to 5 years/10 years maintenance.

Warranty location : All maintenance and repairs are completed at our own factory in Hong Kong.

Time : Unless the bracket or large parts are damaged, it can usually be completed the same day (weekdays), or within 1-3 days at most.

Cost : Free during the maintenance period, including parts and labor, no hidden charges or inspection fees.

Master and Engineering Department Qualifications : Master and registered engineer with 20 years of experience.

wheelchair repair

wheelchair repair

wheelchair repair

wheelchair repair hk

wheelchair repair hong kong

One-stop service and support

Haohao Medical Supplies selects high-quality products, tailor-made components, has its own products, directly cooperates with manufacturers, is familiar with operating system coding and has a deep understanding of mechanical principles, so it can provide you with one-stop service and support.

Warranty terms :

  • If any product is damaged during the warranty period, repair labor costs and accessories will be free of charge.
  • Excludes: consumables or wires, man-made damage, unauthorized modification, unauthorized disassembly of the battery, improper use or improper environment use or storage, etc. Failures caused by such reasons.
  • Customers must present the original valid receipt issued by Haohao Medical Supplies to enjoy the relevant quality assurance. After customers purchase products, please keep all original invoices as proof.
  • After receiving the goods, if the customer finds that the product has quality problems and needs to be returned or exchanged, he or she can contact us and take a photo for our records for reference.
  • Haohao Medical Supplies Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final decision.

    What we focus on is users' understanding, use, maintenance, repair, and even recycling of products.

    Do you want a repair? We believe you don't want to either. We believe you would rather use safe, reliable, high-quality products and use them according to professional guidance.

    If you have any questions about product trial, maintenance, repair, etc., you are welcome to contact us . We guarantee that the engineers and technicians in our team will handle your problems very carefully.

    **Haohao Medical Supplies reserves the right to interpret and amend the terms and conditions of this service.

    (Last updated: July 20, 2023)