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美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)
美國 Pride® - Jazzy Air® 2 電動輪椅 (可升降、專利避震系統、行貨)

Pride ® electric wheelchair Jazzy Air ® 2 (liftable, patented shock absorber and drive system, licensed)

The Jazzy Air® 2 power chair has a sleek, more modern look. Just flip a switch and your seat height can be raised 12 inches in 11 seconds. It can also safely travel at speeds of up to 6.4 km/h when elevated, allowing users to enjoy face-to-face social engagement. Equipped with Mid-Wheel6® drive and Active-Trac® suspension shock absorbers, Jazzy Air®2 can provide enhanced performance and stability both indoors and outdoors.

jazzy air 2.0 pride hk

J azzy Air®2 benefits for users:

Improve life functions

Standing J azzy Air® 2 can bring convenience to the user's life. By making up for the height difference between sitting positions, it can increase the ability to retrieve things (get things on shelves or bookcases), improve the independence of life, and make work more efficient. Efficiency etc.

increase self-confidence

People in wheelchairs often have disadvantages in interpersonal interactions due to their sitting posture. They need to raise their heads when communicating, which reduces the opportunity to sit on an equal footing with others. J azzy Air®2 allows wheelchair users to have equal eyesight when talking to others, breaking through barriers in social and interpersonal relationships.

Various colors for you to choose from

Jazzy Air®2 comes in a variety of different colors, so you can choose the color of the shell you want.

rise rapidly

Jazzy Air®2 adjusts power-adjustable seat height to 12 inches in 11 seconds

Equipped with Mid-Wheel 6® mid-wheel drive design and patented Active-Trac® suspension system

Delivers superior performance and stability both indoors and outdoors.

Height-adjustable headrest

The height of the headrest can be adjusted according to the user's needs, allowing the user to use it comfortably.

Equipped with front and rear LED lights

LED accessories allow for greater visibility when using the chair.

Foldable chair back

The Jazzy Air®2 chair back can be folded down for easy operation and convenient storage.

Stylish and noble design, equipped with advanced functional technology

Top series products make life better

pride jazzy 2.0

jazzy air 2.0 Pride Electric wheelchair specifications:

model: Jazzy Air® 2
Maximum load: 136kg/300lbs
Volume (width x length):
59cm(23.22") x 106.7cm( 42")

High-back sports seats:

•4 headrest positions

•The headrest can also be height- adjusted

• Width-adjustable armrests (no depth adjustment)

•Fold-flat seat back for easy vehicle transportation

•Seat width size options: 41 x 41-46 cm (16"x16" - 18") / 46 x 46-51cm (18"x18" - 20")

Seat height from the ground:

54cm - 83.8cm (21.25” – 33”)

Weight (heaviest part):
91kg / 202lbs (with seat)
Wheel size: 6" solid front wheel / 10" solid center wheel / 6" solid wheel
70A PG VR2
Transmission system: Dual Motor-Mid-Wheel 6® drive
Shock absorber system:
Suspension - Active-Trac® Suspension
Turning radius: 61.5cm (24.25")
Top speed: 6.4 km/h (increased and unincreased)
Distance from ground:
2.5cm (0.98") at the motor
Battery: 12V x 40Ah x 2pcs
charger: 5amp
Driving distance when fully charged:
Color (chassis): red/blue/pink/yellow/black/white/silver

*Due to manufacturing tolerances and ongoing product improvements, specifications may vary by + or -3%.

product testing:

Produced in compliance with US FDA, ANSI/RESNA, ISO 7176-4 standards

The test conditions include:

  • Product Stability & Brakes Effectiveness Tests
  • Fatigue & Impact Strength Verification Tests
  • Overall Product Performance Verification
  • Dimensional Requirement Compliance
  • Product Durability & Reliability Testing
  • Material Protective Coating Testing Verification
  • Misuse and Abuse Testing
  • Ergonomic Verification
  • Environmental Testing for Adverse Weather Operation Conditions
  • Electronic Systems Performance and Durability
  • Chemical and Bio-Contamination Analysis Testing for Toxicity Verification
  • Cal 117 Flammability Test Compliance for Seating Foam and Fabric Components
  • UL94VO Flammability Testing for Compliance of Plastic Components
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC)

Pride jazzy life

Hoho Medical Limited is the general agent of Pride Mobility Products® Corporation in Hong Kong, China. If there is imitation and plagiarism, we have the right to take legal action.

Pride HK

Free PG controller program fine-tuning service

PG controller

The controller's acceleration, deceleration, maximum/low speed, response, turning speed, horn volume, sound prompt when backing up, etc. can be modified according to the customer's usage habits. We recommend that users use the original factory settings first. After a month, make personal fine-tuning as needed to achieve the most suitable effect.

Original factory warranty

This model comes with long-term maintenance ( parts and labor included):

  • 36 months frame maintenance
  • 12 months warranty on motor, controller and battery

Free home trial

Ready supply, local warranty, original factory authorized genuine goods, welcome to the showroom address to experience and understand.

In addition, we provide free door-to-door trial services in all districts of Hong Kong (please make an appointment in advance for outlying islands). Just call our hotline +852 35680755 to arrange a trial, absolutely free of charge.

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