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1. 輪椅、電動輪椅及電動護理床,均享有免費送貨服務。

2. 自家師傅及司機派送,送貨時會再詳細講解及檢查。

3. 可以貨到支付或在現場使用信用卡。

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5. 如需任何特別安排,歡迎落單時通知


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Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)
Gemino 30 帕金森系列助行器 (配備激光步行指示、可調式制度器、反向制動)

American Sunrise Gemino 30 Parkinson's series walker (equipped with laser walking instructions, adjustable system, reverse brake) comes with special seat belt + shopping bag + back pad

A walking aid specifically designed for people with Parkinson's disease.

Some people need a little extra help to walk safely. Gemino 30 Parkinson features exactly what you need. Get out and about with confidence and safety with Gemino 30 Parkinson.

Gemino, which originated from Norway, shocked the industry when it launched this series of walkers, changing the design and use of traditional walkers. It was later acquired by the American Sunrise Medical Group.


Adjustable deceleration brake to achieve stable walking speed

The lightweight Gemino 30 Parkinson rollator comes with a deceleration brake to provide extra resistance and help you walk at a steady speed. Need more or less resistance? Resistance levels can be easily adjusted to your specific needs.

gemino 30

Reverse braking system to improve safety

The reverse braking system is another feature of the Gemino 30 Parkinson's Walker: the rollator stops immediately as soon as the brakes are released before moving. This increases safety if you feel frozen while walking when your feet are glued to the ground, as it limits movement until you consciously press the Gemino's reverse brake.

Sunrise Gemino

Reddot Design and IF award-winning design

The Gemino 30 Parkinson's Medical Walker is available in 2 frame sizes (30 and 30M). Of course, it also gives you all the benefits of our award-winning Gemino 30 Walker. 100% comfort, safety and design. There are many Choose from a variety of stylish and practical accessories for easy personalization.

Laser line of light helps overcome body stiffness

If the body is stiff, laser lines can help start walking again. With this special Gemino 30 rollator, you activate the laser line by pressing a button on the push handle. By focusing on the line that appears on the ground, you can use it as a guideline - and move again.

▲Free safety strap and basket

▲Provide one-year warranty service

▲Lightweight design of the entire vehicle

▲Won the Red Dot Design Award and the German IF Design Award

▲Passed quality certification ISO11199-2-2005

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